Magento 2 – GDPR Cookie Chooser Module


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Startnet GDPR2 helps your website comply with GDPR legislation. An enhanced and fully customizable version of the standard Magento cookie notice, GDPR2 gives your visitors the choice to enable or disable Google Analytics, marketing and statistics cookies.

GDPR2 enhances Magento 2's built-in Cookie Restriction Mode to display a custom cookie banner on your website, allowing your customers to choose which cookie options they want. This can help your website comply with recent GDPR legislation.

The cookie notice can be configured to disable Google Analytics tracking cookies, marketing cookies and statistics cookies - based on your custom Javascript. As you can add your own custom Javascript, the extension is very flexible and should allow for almost any configuration required. All text and button labels are also fully customisable.

You can choose to force visitors to agree to the cookie notice before they are allowed to view the website or allow the notice to be a floating option.

This should help your e-commerce site to comply with 2018 introduced GDPR laws.

We have tried to make the set-up and usage as easy as possible.

Using these options, we hope you can customise the cookie banner to your own GDPR specification – you can change button labels and JS code.


  • Helps your website comply to GDPR legislation
  • Allows any custom Javascript to enable/disable cookies
  • Full control over all button labels
  • Full control over Marketing and Statistics checkbox labels
  • Include or exclude an Accept All button
  • Change Cookie Notice text to anything you like
  • Change the cookie notice title to anything you like
  • Optionally hide your website until the cookie notice is agreed to
  • No page refresh upon cookie option agreement needed
  • Privacy Policy Page Link on the cookie banner
  • Enable Cookies Page is displayed if cookies aren't enabled
  • Allows any custom Javascript code to enable and disable Statistics cookies or scripts
  • Allows any custom Javascript code to enable and disable Marketing cookies or scripts
  • Allows any custom Javascript code to disable Google Analytics tracking cookies
  • Choose whether the Statistics and Marketing checkboxes are ticked by default or not


Helps your website become comply with GDPR legislation

GDPR legislation requires cookies that are not strictly necessary for the basic function of your website be activated only after your end-users have given their explicit consent to the specific purpose of their operation and collection of personal data. GDPR2 can help do this.

Improves the professionality of your website

GDPR2 replaces and enhances the standard Magento 2 making your website look more professional and marketable. All checkboxes and buttons labels are customisable.

Allows custom Javascript to enable and disable cookies

You can add your own custom Javascript code to enable and disable Statistics, Marketing and Google Analytics for cookies or scripts. This means your GDPR can be set up just as you require.

Alternatively download this extension from Magento Marketplace.

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