Simpleforms – Easily create forms in Magento 2 using a visual editor


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Freely create multiple HTML forms for your Magento 2 store! Then have the form data emailed to you.



The Simpleforms Visual Editor
The Simpleforms Visual Editor

Simpleforms allows you to freely create custom HTML form pages for your Magento 2 store. You can create customer account sign-ups, surveys, voting pages, whatever you like. As long as the form can be written in standard HTML and/or Javascript - Simpleforms can do it. The possibilities are endless. Each form is displayed as its own separate page on the frontend and is given a custom URL. Once a customer fills in the form on the frontend and submits the data, the form data that has been entered will then be emailed to you. You can choose to use either a plain email template or create a transactional email template to format the data received. Once the email is sent, a custom Thank You message and/or custom Thank You page will then be displayed to the customer.

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Features Summary

  • Build any form you like, works with any valid HTML or Javascript
  • Now with Visual Editor - build your forms quickly and easily!
  • Build any number of forms you like
  • Each form is given a custom URL
  • Form variables entered are sent in a simple email template or Magento 2 transactional email template
  • Custom email recipient
  • Custom email sender
  • Google reCaptcha can be enabled for each form
  • Custom Thank you message
  • Custom Thank you page
  • Custom page layouts
  • Very easy to use


Allows Any Valid HTML or Javascript
Simpleforms forms may contain any valid HTML or Javscript. This means you can build your form using any standard HTML and/or Javascript and use it on your Magento 2 site. Useful for surveys, voting, custom account sign-ups, membership forms, whatever you like.

Custom Form URL For Each Form
Each Simpleforms form is displayed as a separate page on the frontend. Therefore each form is given a custom URL, which is automatically managed by the extension using the standard URL Rewrites system in Magento 2. For example if you created a Simpleforms form which was a survey, you could set the custom URL to be "/survey". This URL can be changed and updated at any time.

Google reCaptcha Enabled
To keep your store safe from spammers, you can enable or disable Google reCaptcha validation for each form.

Form Field Validation Classes
To help with form validation on the frontend, standard Magento2 Javascript validation classes can be used for the form fields eg. for required, email and other input fields.

Custom Thank You Message and Thank You Page
Once a Simpleforms form has been submitted by a customer on the frontend, a custom Thank You message will be displayed, acknowledging receipt of their form data. Additionally, you can choose to point the customer to your own custom Thank You page afterwards as well.

Choice Of Email Template
You can choose to send the form data emails either as a Magento transactional email template or as a standard email containing simply the form data. Choose the one which is appropriate for the recipient.

Easy Install And Set-up
We have tried to make the install, set-up and usage as user friendly as possible. All necessary documentation is included with the extension files.

This extension can also be purchased at the official Magento Marketplace store here.

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