WordPress Sites

WordPress is the world's number 1 website platform!

We build, update and maintain WordPress websites. We have many years of technical experience based in WordPress.

Our Services include :

  • Building new WordPress websites from scratch.
  • Migrating sites to WordPress, such as converting websites from Joomla to WordPress.
  • Woocommerce migrations eg. migrating from other e-commerce platforms to Woocommerce
  • Template and custom module updates.
  • Template installs and changes.
  • Payment Gateway installs for Woocommerce.
  • General site and plugin fixes.

Please email info@startnet.co.uk or call us on 020 8123 2710 for a quote or for further information.

Fixing websites: We offer a standard £75 per hour fee to fix WordPress websites. Please email info@startnet.co.uk for a quote.