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Standard nginx and LetsEncrypt set up

1) Add the DOMAIN.conf file as shown below to /etc/nginx/sites-available 2) Create a symbolic link to DOMAIN.conf in /etc/nginx/sites-enabled ln -s /etc/nginx/sites-available/DOMAIN.conf /etc/nginx/sites-enabled 3) Comment out the “return” redirect line and ssl_certificate, ssl_certificate_key lines. 4) Restart nginx 5) Create your

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Clearing Magento logs

To clean the Magento logs. The settings are under System > Configuration > Advanced > System > Log Cleaning. If it hasn’t been working, then you manually clean the logs. cd /var/www/ display the size of the log files php

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Magento 1.9 – Enable / Disable Symlinks

They’ve taken out enable/disable symlinks in Magento 1.9 for security reasons, but AOE Scheduler likes them, so if you really need to do it use : UPDATE core_config_data SET value = ‘0’ WHERE path = ‘dev/template/allow_symlink’;

Renew Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate

If using certbot – you have to manually renew the certificate using the command line. certbot-auto certonly –force-renew -d -d –webroot –webroot-path /var/www/vhosts/ More info from here