Get xscreensaver folder to work on xubuntu eee PC

Installed xbuntu 7.10 r3 to my old 701 EEE PC, as I just want to use it as a photo frame.

Has everything built-in. Except had huge trouble finding how to change the screen saver directory to a different one.

After several hours, found out how to do it:

edit your ~/.xscreensaver file and add:


Here are the options for the .xscreensaver file

if you want the screensaver to fill the entire screen you have to add the clip option, hence :

sudo su -

vi /usr/share/applications/glslideshow.desktop

(all the screensaver command files are in that directory). Change the Exec line:

Exec=glslideshow -root -clip

or Exec=glslideshow -root -duration 15 -pan 15 -fade 5 -titles

command line options for glslideshow is here:

Helpful Links:

Once Ubuntu is installed, here's a nice and helpful quick reference guide for Linux commands, could really help someone get started with Linux or just for reference

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