Court Booking Plugin – Install and Usage


The court booking plugin is installed like all standard WordPress plugins. Simply unzip the files you have received and copy the two folders "tr2-core" and "tr2-court-booking" to your WordPress root folder/wp-content/plugins. Then login to the WordPress admin panel and you should see TR2 Core and TR2 Court Booking in the list of plugins.

Click "Activate" next to TR2 Core, then click "Activate" next to TR2 Court Booking.

Activate your TR2 Core plugin - to this go to TR2 Core -> Settings and enter the License Key you will have been sent.

This will activate both plugins and Court Booking plugin will be ready to use.

Court Booking Basic Setup

The court booking system has an admin panel and a public frontend. The admin panel is where admin users can manage all court booking settings as well as add, edit, delete and update court bookings. The public front end allows club members and others to add or delete court bookings.

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