Manually Re-Running a Gocardless Woocommerce Subscription

If a Woocommerce Subscription that uses Gocardless comes in after 1st May(the direct debit set date for that product), they need to be manually "re-processed" as their payment date will be set to the next year eg. 1st May 2023 and that means there won't be any payment until that date.

To Check If A Subscription Has Been Sent To GoCardless

Go to Dashboard, choose Wocommerce -> Subscriptions, click on an order number.
You can tell if a subscription hasn't been sent to Gocardless yet by scrolling to the bottom and checking the Related Orders area. If there is only a "Parent Order" and no "Renewal Order" then nothing yet has been sent to Gocardless.
Compare order #39877 which I re-processed today (below)

This is the subscription after I did the manual re-process today (there is now a Renewal order created, which means it has been sent to Gocardless):

Following this first Renewal Order, Direct Debits will be run subsequently on the set renewal date for the product eg. 1st May 2023, 1st May 2024 and so forth. You double-check this by looking at the Subscription and checking the Scheduled "Next Payment" date.

How To Manually Re-Process a Subscription

Go into the Dashboard. Choose Woocommerce -> Subscriptions from the menu.
Click on a subscription order eg. 39878.
On the right-hand side "Subscription actions" select "Process renewal".
Then click the "Update" button.
That will then create a payment in Gocardless that will be paid out next week (This one is charged on 20th and will be paid out on 24th).

Process a "Pending" Subscription Order

Sometimes you may see that an order or subscription is set to "Pending". This generally means that the user hasn't set up their Direct Debit details correctly in Gocardless. They will have to re-enter those details to get this working.

You can double-check this in Gocardless - the customer will be "Inactive" and the Mandate will be set to orange meaning "Pending". This means they will need to re-set up their Direct Debit details in Gocardless.

To sort this out get them to login to their account on the website "" then go to "Orders" and click "Pay" next to the appropriate order. This will take them to the Gocardless Direct Debit set up screens. There is also a "Customer Payment Page" link in the order screen itself (see the Order #46390 screen above).

Official Woocommerce Subscriptions user guide can be found here:

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